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My order is late or never arrived. Now what?

Check your confirmation email for a tracking number. If it looks like your cards are lost in the abyss (or if you can’t find a tracking number), send us an email. We’ll take a looksee.

I don’t live in the United States, the best country in the world by any metric except literacy or life expectancy. Can I still buy Cards Against Humanity from your webstore?

Yes. We can ship games almost anywhere in the world, and orders will usually arrive in 1-2 weeks. Additional taxes and duties may apply to your international order. We have no control over this, blame your government.

Orders to Canada will ship from the United States. Customers are responsible for any duties and taxes.

I placed an order on your webstore, and I’m incredibly impatient. Can you upgrade my shipping speed?

Nope. You're just going to have to deal with the ramifications of your actions.

I’d like to cancel my order.

You have thirty minutes to cancel your order via the link in your confirmation email. After that, it’s too late. Your order is probably packed up and on its way already, and we won’t apologize for being efficient.

It’s too late to cancel my order, but I no longer want it.

Mosey on over to the “Returns and Exchanges” section of this FAQ. Or just be a grown-up and donate it.

I would like to return my order.

If you want to return something unopened that you purchased in the last six months, we can help you out. We offer returns in the US only, and it’s up to the customer (that’s you) to pay for return shipping costs. Contact us and we’ll get the process rolling.

How long does it take for returns to be processed?

We’ll issue you a refund once we receive the returned goods at our warehouse. From there, your refund will take about a week to show up on your credit or debit card.

I accidentally bought something I already have and would like to exchange it.

We don’t offer exchanges. Have you heard of regifting?

You sent me the wrong items.

Oops. Send us an email and we’ll make sure you get the cards that you paid for.

My game arrived damaged.

Yikes! Send us a picture of the damaged cards and we’ll get you sorted.

One of my cards is damaged. It’s just one card, but can you replace it?

Nope. We don’t print individual cards, so we’d have to replace your entire set. For one measly card, it’s just not worth it. There are bigger things to worry about, such as rising sea levels or the decline of liberal democracy.

My dog ate my Cards Against Humanity box. Can you send me a new one?

No, but please take that good boy for a walk.

Do you sell Cards Against Humanity in other languages?

We don’t, we’re sorry. You should check out our Fan Translation project instead.

I heard you have localized versions of Cards Against Humanity. Do tell.

There are five versions of Cards Against Humanity: the US version, UK version, Australian version, Canadian version, and the International Edition. Where you live will determine which version of the game you get. If you live in the US, you’ll get the US version of the game. If you live in the UK, you’ll get the UK version of the game. If you live in Australia.... Well, you get it.

What’s the difference between the localized versions of Cards Against Humanity?

These sets are nearly identical, with a content difference of about 15%, and include cultural references to their respective countries. Please don’t email us and ask for a different version of the game. The answer will be no.

Do you sell custom cards?

Nope. It’s weirdly expensive and difficult to print them. Have you heard of the Your Shitty Jokes Pack? You can make your own custom cards that way.

Who prints your cards?

AdMagic prints everything we make.

What’s the best expansion pack?

The Green Box. Obviously.

I purchased my game through Amazon, Target, or another retailer. I need help with my order.

We don’t have access to your order information, so we can’t help you out. Reach out to the store you ordered from, and they should be able to solve your problem.

Do you accept card submissions?

You can submit your bad ideas here.

Can you help me prank my friend by sending them glitter, poop, and/or some other item that is incredibly inconvenient to ship?

You don’t need the help of Cards Against Humanity LLC to do this.

Can I send you a prototype of my new game?

We unfortunately don’t accept pitches, submissions, or anything like that. We’re not a game publisher! We just make Cards Against Humanity, and we can barely get our own stuff out the door.

Is it safe to put my credit card number into this mysterious website?

Yes. We don’t store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our payment processor, Stripe) and we’ll never share your personal information with anyone else.

What's the privacy policy for this webstore?

You can view that here. TLDR: We will never share your information with any sketchy third party for marketing tactics and whatnot.

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